Why You Should Use A Recruitment Agency In Malaysia

Finding the right candidates can be a lengthy challenge. From no-shows to unqualified applicants, the process can be draining for hiring managers. This issue can disrupt the productivity of the hiring department, impacting the company as a whole by requiring extra focus and time during recruitment. This is why many companies in Malaysia opt to use a recruitment agency Malaysia like Corford Asia to handle the initial stages of their hiring processes.

What makes the recruitment process challenging from the outset? Let's walk you through a typical recruitment journey.
  1. HR receives a job brief and creates a job profile based on their understanding.
  2. HR advertises job vacancies on various online job platforms.
  3. Numerous candidates submit their resumes for the position.
  4. HR screens through resumes received across multiple job platforms.
  5. HR schedules interviews for shortlisted candidates, managing feedback processes with various hiring decision-makers.
  6. The hiring manager approves the candidate selection.
  7. HR conducts background and reference checks on the chosen candidate.
  8. HR prepares and negotiates the job offer with the candidates.
  9. Once both the hiring manager and candidates agree on the terms, HR finalizes the job offer and onboards the new employee.

Now, let's delve into these processes. The first step involves the HR department posting vacant positions on online job platforms. This initial task is straightforward: employers simply choose platforms they believe will attract the right talent pool.

On free platforms like Facebook or Instagram, Malaysian employers can freely post multiple vacancies. Facebook also allows recruiters to instantly reach thousands of people with a single message. However, using free online platforms comes with several drawbacks that should be considered:
  • These platforms may not attract suitable candidates for specialized roles (e.g., IT specialists or engineers). Highly skilled, passive job seekers might not actively monitor such posts.
  • Due to the platform's free nature, hundreds or even thousands of job postings flood these platforms daily. This oversaturation can lead to your job post being overlooked or inundated with applicants whose skills do not match the job requirements.

Recruitment Agency is your Great Helper

One of the challenges faced by HR departments during the recruitment process is the necessity to meticulously screen through candidate applications. This step is essential; each application must undergo thorough review to ensure a perfect match for the position. Some job openings may attract hundreds of resumes, making this screening process a tedious task, as not all applicants may be suitable candidates.

At Corford Asia, our recruiters can streamline this process for you, handling the entire screening process to ensure that every recommended candidate aligns perfectly with your specified job profile. This approach not only saves your time on sourcing and screening but also guarantees that you receive candidates who match your criteria in terms of skills, personality, and experience, ensuring your satisfaction.

Enhanced Speed of Hiring

After screening, shortlisted candidates undergo a formal interview process with the company. While this sounds straightforward, employers in Malaysia often encounter challenges at this stage. It has become increasingly common for candidates to unexpectedly withdraw from interviews, leaving employers in a difficult position and requiring them to restart the screening process. This not only wastes time but also incurs costs that are difficult to recover.

At Corford Asia, we mitigate these risks for you. We provide employers with pre-selected candidates who match their requirements, and you are only charged once a candidate is successfully placed and working. Additionally, we offer a placement guarantee for each candidate. This means that if a placed candidate leaves within the warranty period, we replace them at no additional cost to you.

To prevent such issues, our recruiters thoroughly prepare candidates, ensuring they understand the job requirements and are genuinely interested in the opportunity before proceeding to interviews with employers. Our recruitment team maintains regular contact with candidates to help them transition smoothly into your workplace environment. With our support, you can confidently avoid costly hiring mistakes with unsuitable candidates.

Payroll Outsourcing

Employers engage a recruitment agency not only for assistance with the hiring process but also for a range of other valuable services.

One of the most sought-after services at our recruitment agency in Malaysia is payroll outsourcing. Simply put, payroll outsourcing involves a recruitment agency managing all HR administrative functions related to paying employees' salaries, and sometimes finance functions as well.

This service allows organizations to optionally place their employees under the recruitment agency's payroll as the official PEO or EOR. Depending on the contractual agreement, payroll outsourcing can shield employers from financial risks while ensuring compliance with Malaysian laws.

Speed, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and accuracy are key benefits of using payroll outsourcing. Employers can alleviate concerns about administrative tasks such as filing, reporting, and compliance issues. As one of the leading payroll outsourcing providers in Malaysia, Corford Solutions offers comprehensive HR services for your Malaysia businesses. Feel free to check us out at Malaysia Payroll.

Feel free to drop us the message if you need any recruitment support: jin@corfordasia.com

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