The Rise of IT Recruitment

Technological change in our life is a continuous thing. Over time, new technology is emerging and our lifestyle is changing rapidly as the result of fast changing technologies. One or more technologies are being replaced by other new technologies and a technological revolution happens.

These are some technological terms we probably often hear in our lives nowadays: Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), blockchain, predictive analytics, internet of things (IoT), virtual reality, cloud computing and business intelligence (BI). Technology helps human beings do new things or do something smoothly in their day-to-day life. The effects of technology are present in every sector of human life like entertainment, farming, communication, living, education and working, etc.

As more and more companies are investing in technology, the job market for IT roles in Malaysia has exploded in recent years. There has been a growing, local movement from start-up tech companies working in areas of web and mobile app innovation. There has also been an enormous influx of foreign businesses establishing offshore teams to support their overseas operations. This has cultivated a large talent pool of well-trained software engineers in Malaysia on cutting edge platforms to be rolled out in all corners of the globe. These jobs include software engineer, QA engineer, web developer, mobile application developer, business analyst, database administrator, web designer, UIUX designer, software architect, system administrator, infrastructure engineer and BI developer.

IT Recruitment Agency | IT Headhunting Firm in Malaysia

Our main goal is to help our clients to secure the best IT & Tech talents. There is an undersupply of IT talents compared to the fast growing job market. Gone are the days of advertising for information technology recruiting and software roles and receiving talented candidate inquires. The top IT talent are hidden from the sight of job boards and LinkedIn, and they are gainfully employed. Furthermore, they are being treated with special care by their employers to discourage them from leaving. With this in our minds, we strive to win the war of tech talents for our clients who trust us and engage us to be the recruitment partners. According to our clients, Corford Asia is the leading IT recruitment agency and headhunter in Malaysia.

As one of the leading IT recruitment agency in the market, we specialize in talent sourcing for various areas of IT segments, including web development, mobile app (iOS and Android), project management, business analysis, system administration, IT network support, data science and artificial intelligence (AI) . We have one of the largest IT talent database with candidates familiar with in-demand programming languages including C#, Java, PHP, JavaScript, Python, C++ and many more. We strive to be the top IT recruitment agency with our continuous efforts in securing IT talents for our clients.

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